May 11, 20230

Reports are a form of written communication, and the aim is to appeal to the target audience is the key to conveying clear, organized, and succinct information effectively in a simple way. It should focus on providing crucial information to carry out in-depth research, collect appropriate information, and offer correct analysis to back up the conclusions reached in the report.

SATTVA Organized Technical Report Writing session for all the team members to enhance their writing skills which will benefit the organization and advance into personal effectiveness.


April 8, 20230

Team Building helps in identifying the strengths and weaknesses, the roles, and responsibilities to be assigned to each member, to develop communication and collaboration among them, also it builds trust and morale, manages change, facilitates delegation, and enhances the creativity and productivity of team members.

The Objective of the event was to rejuvenate and excel toward achieving the goals of the company.

A cricket match was organized to help all members to attain sportsmanship and better team coordination. Another activity organized was “Put Up A Dare” to have fun but actually, it helped managers to identify the hidden talents of the employees.